Breakout Age Proves King in WR Regression Tree Analysis

If you’ve been following my work this off-season, you know that I’ve spent a lot of time trying to model incoming rookie wide receiver production at the next level. Models are certainly useful, and give us a tangible idea of what to expect from these players. The one issue with models is that they are not always simple to digest. Insert decision trees, one of my favorite branches of mathematics.1 The nice thing about decision trees, something Kevin Cole brought elegantly to this website a couple of years ago, is that they are easy to interpret, and give us a great idea about what matters most in player analysis. In other words, it can give us the quick and dirty rundown of what we want to find a WR hit. That is precisely my goal here today.
  1. The jokes don’t get any better folks  (back)

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By Anthony Amico | @amicsta | Archive