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Is 2018 the Perfect Year for Zero RB? Early Best Ball ADP – The Wrong Read, No. 25

Welcome to the 25th installment of the “The Wrong Read,” an article series that reflects on recent podcast episodes, pushing the ideas discussed on the podcasts to their logical conclusions and offering some further thoughts on the topics broached by the guests and hosts. If you’re starting to get into best ball leagues now, you’re probably starting to think hard about your first pick. Alvin Kamara is likely in the discussion—here’s my take on where he should be drafted. DRAFT has been running best ball leagues for well over a month now, so we have a pretty good sample of ADP. This means we can tell, pretty much, where the values are in the draft, what positions we can afford to wait on, and what positions we need to make sure to draft early. On the latest episode of the RotoViz Best Ball Series, guest Chris Raybon noted how important it was to let the values in each draft dictate what sort of approach you take to each draft. That is to say, whether Zero RB or any other strategy is going to be an effective strategy depends, at least in part, on ADP and on what other players are doing. One notable feature of ADP at this point in the offseason is the dramatic rise of RBs into the first round, at least compared to the last two seasons. Currently, of the top-12 players by ADP, only three of them are WRs—the rest are all RBs. I’ve been in several recent drafts where only two WRs were taken in the first round.

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By Blair Andrews | @AmItheRealBlair | Archive