D.J. Moore Leads the Way in Early 2018 WR Prospect Projections

D.J. Moore leads the way as Anthony Amico presents his early wide receiver projections for the 2018 draft.

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By Anthony Amico | @amicsta | Archive

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  1. excellent stuff! Would definitely like to see the full model output including previous years to see where these guys sit in comparison to past prospects.

  2. Appreciate the feedback on this. It would actually be a fun exercise to look back at the last two classes, since they were not even used to build the model (they have not played 3 years yet).

  3. yep, and I was thinking even previous to that. One thing I love about Freak Score/Phenom Index and other metrics used here on RV is that you can look at where the players in a current year sit in the historical list of prospects

  4. Thanks @hrr5010. I am specifically looking for phenom index and career MS. I've tried finding that data in the articles @amicsta has done in 2018 but cannot locate (the second link you provided has a bit of career MS data, but just for a select few WR not the entire class). Maybe I'm just too early and this data will be released later in the offseason (?), but I thought maybe I could find it in an app or something.

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