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Browns Could Select Baker Mayfield at No. 4 – Matthew Freedman: RotoViz Radio

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Host: Shawn Siegele (@FF_Contrarian)

Host: Colm Kelly (@OvertimeIreland)

Guest: Matt Freedman (@MattFTheOracle) Editor-in-Chief @FantasyLabs (part of the @ActionNetworkHQ, a Chernin Group Co.), Producer @RotoViz pods & @FantasylandPod.


With Pat off hosting duties this week, Shawn is joined by Matthew Freedman, the Executive Producer of RotoViz Radio, and RV Radio Executive Assistant Producer Colm Kelly to discuss fallout from the Super Bowl.

Matt starts us off explaining how he used singer similarity scores to win big taking the under on Pink’s anthem. We pivot to the game and Shawn argues that we’ve finally seen the end of Defense Wins Championships. The gang discusses the 2018 fantasy ramifications of a Super Bowl where 11 offensive players scored 15 or more fantasy points. We debate Nelson Agholor’s dynasty value and take sides on whether you should accept a late first-round rookie pick in trade. And as always, controversy – Colm takes the pro-official side in the aftermath of two big replay reviews.

Moving to the quarterback position, we discuss Nick Foles and what his virtuoso playoff performance means for Carson Wentz and the entire Philadelphia offense. Shawn argues for Foles as a Kirk Cousins equivalent, while Matt dives into the contract ramifications of potential free agent moves at QB.

After a brief diversion to debate the fits for Matt Patricia in Detroit and Josh McDaniels in Indianapolis, the trio shifts to the NFL draft. Matt explains the argument for Baker Mayfield to the Cleveland Browns at No. 4 overall, and we look at the strange lack of buzz for Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold.


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