Win Now vs. Win Later vs. Win Always – Dynasty Startup Debate

We asked our writers to explain their roster construction from our recent dynasty startup mock. Do you prefer to Win Now, Win Big Later, or Win Always? And will these different approaches actually lead to those results? The RotoViz crew debates. Round 1 Recap – Beckham and Brown Battle Gurley for Supremacy Round 2 Recap – Rise of the Young Running Back Round 3 Recap – A Big Wide Receiver Run

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive

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  1. GREAT series, guys! I play in a number of oddball dynasty salary cap leagues that see us making many important roster decisions in February. It's very helpful to see a full mock startup this time of year to help recalibrate my feel for guys I was clearly too high or too low on last season.

    I also find value in reassessing how I'm going about building some of these young teams, so touching on various startup strategies is nice.

    Will we see many more articles dissecting this mock?

  2. Yep! I'm going through the fourth round now! @FF_Contrarian mentioned on RotoViz Radio that the first four rounds are the ones where you draft your core guys, so I wanted to give some reasoning and context to the 48 players that came off the board at the top.

    We will also do a best values piece. Anything else you'd like to see addressed?

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