Draft Strategy

Understanding Win Rates: The Picks that Won MFL10s in 2017

The following looks at the win rates1 of players drafted in close to 5,000 MFL10 best-ball leagues in 2017.2 This analysis follows the same format used in last year’s win-rate article. It is worth repeating why I like the win-rate statistic so much: it distills the combination of player performance and draft cost into a single number. While roster construction matters, there is no substitute for picking good players at great prices. This data is an important reference for me as I develop my draft strategy for 2018. Here are some of my observations.
  1. Win rate is a ratio defined by the number of times a player was on a first place roster divided by the total number of times that player was drafted. This analysis encompasses players drafted in at least 500 MFL10, MFL25, MFL50 or MFL100 leagues.  (back)
  2. “2X,” or double-up, leagues have been excluded.  (back)

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By Mike Beers | @beerswater | Archive