Fantasy Football Free Agency Preview: Miami Dolphins

Free agency has a major impact on fantasy football. And this upcoming year in particular (no matter how far away it may seem) has the opportunity to significantly change up several teams. Though it may seem too early to be discussing the 2018 NFL season, for dynasty owners — especially those who’ve missed the playoffs — it’s never too soon to start analyzing how player values can change, especially if they move on to new teams. In this piece, I’m taking a look at the Miami Dolphins fantasy-relevant free agents, especially as it relates to the team’s salary cap. I’ll also look at where their most urgent needs lie, which they may look to supplement through the 2018 NFL draft. Free Agents information and cap numbers are courtesy of OverTheCap. As it stands, Miami currently has $9,742,046 in projected cap space heading into the new year, assuming a team salary cap figure of $178 million.

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By Giana Pacinelli | @GIANAAAA | Archive