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Dynasty Startup Strategy – Balancing Safety and Upside: The Wrong Read, No. 22

Welcome to the 22nd installment of the “The Wrong Read,” an article series that reflects on recent podcast episodes, pushing the ideas discussed on the podcasts to their logical conclusions and offering some further thoughts on the topics broached by the guests and hosts. With all the recent coaching moves, it’s worth asking about the future of the analytics movement in the NFL. Here’s my take on why the future may be bright for analytically-minded football fans. Ryan McDowell and Jacob Rickrode recently joined Nathan Powell on the Dynasty Tradecast to discuss dynasty startup strategy. This was a particularly interesting episode because Ryan and Jake do not always agree on the best strategy. Jake advocates for what he calls a “zero rookie” strategy that involves focusing on undervalued veterans early in the draft. Ryan, on the other hand, prefers what he calls “productive struggle.” The idea there is you draft a lot of young players with the knowledge that you probably won’t win in Year 1, but also with the hope that you’ve put your roster in a position to be dominant in the future. The entire discussion is worth listening to, but it also gives me an opportunity to discuss dynasty startup strategy in the context of a recent RotoViz writers’ mock. Shawn Siegele and Hasan Rahim have written up the first two rounds, and more content on the draft is on the way from multiple angles. I’ll try to defend some of my choices below.

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By Blair Andrews | @AmItheRealBlair | Archive