2018 Dynasty Startup Mock – Round 1

The RotoViz 2018 dynasty startup mock is in full swing. We’ll look at this draft from almost every direction imaginable, including an explanation of player selection from the drafters, draft strategy, pick value, and more. While we work through the final 21 rounds, we can use the RotoViz Screener to build statistical profiles for the elite talents coming off the board in Round 1. 

1. Odell Beckham

Odell Beckham 101 Beckham’s target volume has remained steady, but his efficiency has leveled off after a rookie season for the ages. A more explosive receiver during his first two campaigns, he’ll hope that the new coaching staff deploys him as a more vertical threat. It may be difficult to match the 29 percent market share of his rookie year with Evan Engram and Sterling Shepard in the fold.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive

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  1. @FF_Contrarian thanks for this piece, which I found very interesting- as always. I heard elsewhere that you took Kamara (first overall?) in a dynasty draft. Appreciate that you're a contrarian (the hint's in the screen name) but interested in your thought process here, given the usage question and FPOE challenges for 2018.

  2. Thanks, @Will . I do like Kamara a lot, but I think the first overall mention may have been in Blair's piece and referenced that he'd been selected as high as No. 1 overall in a mock.

    My five-player Tier One in dynasty is DeAndre Hopkins, David Johnson, Odell Beckham, Todd Gurley, and Le'Veon Bell. Those five plus Antonio Brown (who would be in the mix at the top of Tier Two for me) were all gone, so I selected Kamara.

    While there are obvious concerns about the sustainability of his efficiency, those concerns are lessened in this type of offense, and his floor as an elite receiving back is very high. He also has the massive individual-game upside that can be helpful in taking down playoff games and winning titles.

  3. Would you trade Zeke for Kamara and 2018 1.5?

    Other RBs are McCaffrey, Ajayi, and Coleman
    WRs: cooks, diggs, Robinson, Alshon

  4. @Will The reference to the first-overall valuation is from the NFC South Review pod that Colm Kelly and Anthony Amico did. I believe one of them mentioned that Adam Rank over at NFL.com has Kamara as his #1 overall player for 2018 (redraft). I don't agree with that ranking, but I also don't necessarily hate it. Kamara's not the worst player to take that kind of a stand on. Amico said on that pod that Kamara's not a first-round pick for him, and I think I'd agree, at least in redraft.

    I'm coming around in dynasty, however. Is it that hard to imagine Kamara gets a DJ-Bell-Gurley type workload after Ingram leaves, which could be as early as this offseason but almost certainly by 2019? The way he played last season should earn him more work.

    @Mikelmuyin Shawn took Kamara in our dynasty mock while Zeke was still on the board, so I'd guess that's an obvious yes from him. I'd say yes too. Even though people often put him in the same tier, Zeke does not get the kind of workload in the passing game that the other top backs do. In redraft I have Zeke at least a tier above Kamara because he's not competing with anyone for work. But in dynasty their values are closer. The 1.05 more than makes up the difference.

  5. Thanks for the reply. Deal ended up being Kamara/1.5/Aaron Rodgers for Zeke/Mike Williams/DeDe Westbrook/2.3. It's a 6 point passing TD league, so getting Rodgers for 3 upside pieces seemed like a no brainer.

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