Week 14 Tight End Streamers – Now It’s Getting Serious

Week 13 is in the rearview mirror, and as we head towards the future, we can look back at a week that brought us the overall TE12 in Julius Thomas, the TE20 in Ricky Seals-Jones, and Charles Clay at TE24. An unspectacular week, to be sure, but far from a disastrous one. On top of the usual issues with streaming, the owners of Rob Gronkowski also find themselves jockeying for a replacement after the news that he will be suspended for this week’s plus matchup against the Dolphins. What is to be done, people may ask? Well, as Chris Martin once melodiously crooned, I will try to fix you. For those new to this series, welcome. You have been a long time coming, but I’m glad you finally got here. What I will do is offer tight end streaming options for the week ahead. I’ll be looking at players owned in less than 50 percent of ESPN fantasy leagues. That is why there will be no mention of Jason Witten as he goes up against his favorite opponent, the New York Giants, as he is owned in 82.6 percent of leagues. We will also skate over Travis Kelce and his clash with the Raiders, as you can only get Kelce in 0.1 percent of leagues. The players I will suggest are not out-of-this-world options, but they could help you out in a pinch. First off, however, I will explain why simply plugging Dwayne Allen in for Rob Gronkowski is not a good idea.

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By Neil Dutton | @ndutton13 | Archive