Talkin’ Trades: Playoff Stopgaps and Dynasty Stashes

Welcome back to Talkin’ Trades, a weekly column that will highlight players to target today before their prices change tomorrow. This is not the place to get irrationally angry that the trade deadline has not yet passed in a total stranger’s fantasy league. That place, of course, is Twitter. Here at RotoViz dot com, we are agnostic about your league settings. Live and let live! With that in mind, lets take a look at some last minute additions to gird your playoff loins. And for you unlucky souls out there, let’s find a few end-of-bench stashes that your leaguemates will search the wire for in the spring, only to see them hanging out on your roster already. Here are some of the best buys and sells at each position.

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By Devin McIntyre | @devinmci | Archive

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  1. UPDATE: It's being reported that Fiedorowicz may be at risk of having a career-ending concussion situation if he can't pass his physical. This definitely makes Anderson's price go up, so he's probably a hold if you are in real need at TE. It's unclear if he's good, or what his role will be next year, though, so I'm still selling if I can get a decent pick.

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