Streaming Defenses: Week 14 Playoffs?!?

Streaming Defenses uses the Streaming D app and the wizardry of Jeremy Marin and Matt Wispe to help you play the matchups each week. Times up! Let’s do this. For many of you, this is likely the first week of your playoffs. I’ll start off by first recommending that you go back and look at Jeremy’s playoff defense article for some potential options. Looking back on Week 13, Jeremy did well and managed to have all five of his picks within the top 12 on ESPN.1
Week Team Rank Team Rank Team Rank
1 IND T-22nd ATL T-17th BUF T-10th
2 TB T-1st LAC T-23rd OAK T-8th
3 GB T-16th PHI 25th MIA T-18th
4 ATL T-15th CHI T-23rd CLE T-18th
5 PHI 14th BUF T-15th NYG T-21st
6 ATL T-20th WAS T-17th TB T-15th
7 NO T-14th TEN T-6th CIN 28th
8 CIN T-6th NO T-12th MIA T-20th
9 BUF T-20th DET T-11th OAK 22nd
10 NE 4th CHI T-18th NYJ T-11th
11 CIN 8th ARI 20th NO 26th
12 WSH T-5th OAK T-10th CIN T-25th
13 LAC T-8th TEN 12th MIA 1st
But it’s playoff time and since Jeremy’s picks helped solidify your team in the bracket, I’m here to help you advance to the next round. So let’s take a look at the Week 14 matchups!
  1. And subsequently made my job nearly impossible  (back)

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