Stealing Signals Week 14: NFC Advanced Stats

Stealing Signals is your Week 14 look at snaps, touches, game flow, efficiency, and everything in between.
As always, check the archives for more information on teams or players not covered here. As we approach the end of the season, I’m trying to be a little more focused with the blurbs as well. To that end, if you want my take on a player or situation I omitted, tag me in the comments or on Twitter.  

Dallas Cowboys

Snap Notes: Alfred Morris – 53% (season high); Rod Smith – 40% Key Stat: Team – 42/22 run/pass ratio We finally saw the Dallas offense show some life, but it would be disingenuous to not mention the results of their first four drives: four punts and eight total yards. In a lot of ways they were saved by Washington being just as bad, or perhaps their defense playing well, depending on your perspective. They finally posted a nice touchdown drive on their fifth turn with the ball, produced a field goal on their sixth, and then Ryan Switzer ran back a punt after Washington’s ensuing three-and-out. After going up 17-0 in the second quarter, they never allowed Washington within 10 and leaned heavily on the run. In the second half, they ran 23 times against just seven pass attempts, as Dak Prescott suffered what was reportedly a bruised hand. Alfred Morris posted a 27-127-1 rushing line on a season-high snap share. He didn’t have a catch; he has one in four starts. A script like this that allowed 27 carries is clearly his best path to viability. On the flip side, Dez Bryant posting a 7-5-61-1 line is more impressive than it looks when adding the context of 22 team pass attempts. His seven targets were good for a 0.32 share. Ezekiel Elliott is due back in Week 16. I can’t imagine he’s on any waiver wires, but if you’re in the playoffs you should be adding him. Even if your roster is completely stacked, you don’t want an opponent being able to plug that type of player in if you make the championship. Signal: Alfred Morris – has been very effective as a runner, but no passing work (needs plus game script) Noise: Raw Week 13 target volume – 22 pass attempts skews everything down  


Snap Notes: Samaje Perine – 57%; Byron Marshall – 43% (+13% over previous season high) Key Stat: Ryan Grant – 9 targets (Week 13 team lead)

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By Ben Gretch | @YardsPerGretch | Archive