High Stakes Journal: Monty Phan Enters FFPC Playoffs in 1st Place

Long time RotoViz reader and high stakes star Monty Phan shares his story about the 2017 FFPC regular season. It was eight weeks into the Main Event of the high-stakes Fantasy Football Players Championship, and there sat our team, in fifth place. Not fifth place in our league. Fifth place overall. Out of 1,440 teams. The four of us who co-own the team were pretty much: tumblr_static_tumblr_static_5vsks39rhrc48g4cw40kgkogk_640 For the uninitiated, the FFPC Main Event comprises 120 leagues of 12 teams each, and teams are ranked by the running total of points they score each week. Each team plays every other team in its league once, for an 11-week regular season. This was our draft board, picking from the third spot.

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By Monty Phan | @MontyPhan | Archive