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Host: Pat Kerrane (@PatKerrane)
Host: Shawn Siegele (@FF_Contrarian)
Guest: Monty Phan (@MontyPhanHigh stakes star, longtime Rotoviz reader.


Pat and Shawn welcome high stakes veteran Monty Phan to the show to discuss his journey in the 2017 FFPC Main Event and key lessons for 2018 drafts.


Pat, Shawn, and Monty talk through his FFPC draft and discuss some of the key in-season moves that helped boost his team to the No. 1 overall point scorer in the FFPC regular season, leading to some discussions and insights on impact players this season.

  • Which players presented league winning draft value in 2017?
  • What season-changing waiver wire move helped make up for the loss of Zeke Elliot?
  • Which players look like early draft value targets in 2018?


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