Best Ball Leaderboard: He Was On Top But Now Wentz Away

The Best Ball Leaderboard provides a look at player production and how it translates into points, starts, and wins for your best ball team. Our journey started in late February with the opening of MFL10s and now has two weeks left to decide where all the hard work, studying, drafting, and hopes and dreams take us as we see the finish line from here. For owners of today’s cover boy, however, the road to the final result got much harder with the exceedingly sad news that Carson Wentz tore his ACL and is lost for the season. Even among his greatest supporters, no one could have predicted he would be atop our leaderboard and leading the Eagles to the best record in football. If ever there was someone we should pour one out for upon injury, it is Carson Wentz.


PlayerPPGWK 1 -13Week 14Total PointsBB ScoreWin Rate
Carson Wentz21.744549700.12
Russell Wilson23.142446660.19
Alex Smith2035136510.12
Dak Prescott19.231536510.12
Tom Brady19.135136510.08
Philip Rivers16.931334490.11
Cam Newton18.532234490.12
Matthew Stafford16.830232460.11
Ben Roethlisberger17.427532460.11
Kirk Cousins17.831031440.1
Jared Goff16.929130430.07
Drew Brees16.927229410.07
Josh McCown15.829029410.05
Case Keenum16.42632941#N/A
Blake Bortles15.323326370.08
Andy Dalton13.726026370.08
Deshaun Watson24.12525360.07
Tyrod Taylor14.22323330.07
Marcus Mariota1422022310.07
Derek Carr14.421122310.06
Deshone Kizer1217320290.06
Matt Ryan13.920020290.07
Jacoby Brissett12.920020290
Trevor Siemian12.616117240.07
Eli Manning12.316117240.06
Aaron Rodgers181616230.03
Jameis Winston13.914216230.06
Carson Palmer14.61515210.07
Jay Cutler12.511415210.07
Joe Flacco11.212214200.06
CJ Beathard12.61212170
Brett Hundley127411160
Mitch Trubisky9.97310140.03
Ryan Fitzpatrick12.399130.2
Brian Hoyer86690.06
Sam Bradford13.55570.06
Blaine Gabbert13.85057#N/A
Tom Savage6.340460.07
Matt Moore12.94460.03
Kevin Hogan8.4334#N/A
Brock Osweiler8.63340
Drew Stanton10.1334#N/A
Jimmy Garoppolo10.212340.04
TJ Yates18.103340
Mike Glennon8.42230.05
EJ Manuel7.1223#N/A

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By Tod Burros | @TodfromPA | Archive