Week 10 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Advice

Fantasy football waiver wire advice for Week 10 of the 2017 season.  The waiver wire has become the most important component of a championship winning fantasy football team. The parameters and assumptions of this weekly waiver wire advice column can be found in the preseason introduction. I am filling in for Charles Kleinheksel, the RotoViz Director of Special Projects, in writing this week’s column. Let’s see what we can scrounge up for Week 10 waiver wire advice.


Percent of ESPN leagues where the player is available is in parentheses. Players are listed in the order I prefer them, but that may not apply to your league settings. Hit me up in the comments, Message Boards, or better yet on Twitter (@EricNMoody) for more specific advice. In the midst of chaos, there is also an opportunity. This philosophy from Sun-Tzu’s The Art of War applies directly to fantasy football. This week’s waiver wire promises to be very interesting as we continue to march toward the fantasy playoffs. Before I provide you a line of sight of players to target, here are a few general thoughts:
  • The type of players you bid on should depend on your roster. If your playoff chances are slim, you should probably swing for the fences on the players with the highest potential upside and hope they hit. If your playoff chances are rock solid, you have more flexibility, but can content yourself with the pursuit of a cheap, low-volatility, but limited-upside, player to serve as a bye week filler or bench depth.
  • How much you spend is also variable. If you must win Week 10, then you should spend as much as you need to accomplish that. It doesn’t matter if you have money left in Week 11 if you have been eliminated from the playoffs. But if you are cruising to the playoffs, then you can be more conservative with your spending.
  • There are a number of intriguing players available on waivers this week, so whatever your situation, keep that in mind. You can get probably guys with a similar range of outcomes at a variety of price points, so try to structure your waiver bids accordingly. Rather than bidding top dollar for a single player, maybe make several decent bids on a few similar players and hope to land one.


Is Dion Lewis (36.3 percent) available in your league? It amazes me that he is available in such a high percentage of leagues. Lewis has led the Patriots backfield in touches over the last three weeks with 39. He is also being leveraged as a runner in between the tackles in the red zone. Lewis only played 35 percent of the offensive snaps in Week 8 but touched the football or was targeted on 57 percent of them. Lewis can be viewed as a high-end RB3. I also recommend you pick up Rex Burkhead (8.4 percent). He is healthy and had seven catches for 68 yards in Week 8.

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By Eric Moody | @EricNMoody | Archive

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  1. @Moody this is a great column as ever. I have a couple of quick WR questions for you ahead of waivers tomorrow.

    I have Zay Jones and also TJ Jones who I'm going to drop. Corey Coleman is available, but so is Martavis Bryant, who has been dropped by a frustrated owner before Steelers bye week. Full PPR league with up to 5 WR starters (2 are Flex).

    Who is the better add or the two- considering I already own JuJu S-S from PIT? I haven't given up on the Steelers trying to utilise Martavis just yet and he still has a better QB throwing to him than CLE...

  2. Any possibility of adding Fitz and making a conditional bid that allows you to get either Bridgewater (preferably) or Lynch? It's not ideal, obviously, but Fitzpatrick could be a solid option in the short term and Bridgewater is intriguing toward playoff time.

  3. @FantasyNerd I would prefer to give up Mack.

    @joenamathscoat Could you drop Kroft even though you'll have to pick up a TE for Doyle's bye? That would allow you to roster Coleman or pick up Burkhead to at least see what he does this week (essentially buying a week to make the decision).

  4. Jeff says:

    Love the article, great advice! @Moody, @FF_Contrarian--Lost my first game last week to 8-1 but looking to shore up the roster. A few intriguing guys on waiver wire (Burkhead, Woodhead, Coleman), but not sure who to drop. RBs Gordon, Kamara, Collins, Foreman, D Lewis; WRs Woods, Diggs, Evans, C Davis; TEs Gronk, ASJ, Olsen in 0.5 PPR league. Leaning towards dropping Collins but I have positive regression of TDs floating in my head.

    The guy who has M Bryant, Doctson, & Golladay has no healthy TEs, thinking of floating trade of ASJ for one of these guys if he bites. Which one to shoot for, if any? Doctson, I would assume, because of role?

  5. @WBFFLchief I prefer Coleman, Burkhead, and Woodhead over Collins and Lewis. (Lewis is really interesting, and while this could certainly change, he's a little too squeezed on both sides for high value touches.) I agree with @Will and would probably go with Doctson, although it's difficult not to want to see what Golladay might be able to do. (In an enthusiastic scenario, he's basically Marvin Jones but with size and athleticism. Probably more of a 2018 play, but sometimes these changes happen fast.)

    @kdenigris Good stuff from @jmeek2244. I prefer Cohen to both of the Denver backs.Since Tyrod has such a beautiful finishing schedule, any chance you could trade Mariota (to shore up the roster and/or create a roster spot; maybe send Tyrod/CJA for something)?

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