The Buy Low Report – Week 10 and Beyond

Welcome to the Week 10 Buy Low Report. We are inching ever closer to the trade deadline in most leagues. To help you best navigate the next few weeks, I have written up more players than I usually do. Whether you are a team currently looking for a short-term boost or you have locked up a playoff spot, there is something in here for everyone. If your team has been eliminated from contention, worry not. I will add more strategy discussion in the future. If you have a question or a topic you’d like for me to focus on, dive into the comments section and let me know.
“Look, just give me some inner peace or I’ll mop the floor with ya!” – Homer Simpson (El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer)


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By Hasan Rahim | @hrr5010 | Archive

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  1. i had to table this trade for a week and the deadline is saturday. how do you guys feel about:

    Funchess + Robby Anderson for Keenan Allen

    my current roster is
    WRs: Evans, Funchess, Bobby Hands, Tyreek, Stefon, Fuller
    RBs: Kamara, McKinnon, Aaron Jones, Tevin Coleman
    TEs: Doyle, Kroft
    QB: Tyrod (also @kdenigris i've never heard anyone use "TyGod" before but i'm definitely incorporating that into my team name ROS lol)

    the team i'm trading with currently looks like this:
    WRs: Baldwin, Shepard, Paul Richardson, Allen, Dede Westbrook
    RBs: Ingram, Elliott, James White, Al Morris, CJ Anderson
    TEs: Engram
    QBs: Brady, Carr

  2. @hrr5010

    I love this idea. Not least because the Ingram/Kamara owner is one guy and he's leading the league at 8-1. I've been looking for ways to weaken him ahead of the playoffs as his roster is strong (Dak, Nuk, Jordy, Gurley & Lamar Miller among others).

    I am really attached to JuJu however, as it's a keeper league and he'll be a 10-12 rd pick next year if I keep him. Who else could I offer up instead from my roster- Zay Jones? Marqise Lee? Funchess (again he'd be a similar keeper situation in 2018)

  3. Nah. You're gutting your roster here for a WR1 with a similar range of outcomes as AJG. I'm intrigued by the Sanders for DJax trade, but it'd have to be a straight up 1 for 1 trade at the MOST. I'd expect Sanders to out perform DJax down the stretch though if DEN ever figures out their WR stuff.

    Who are your other RBs?

  4. If you're sending AJG away, I like that return for you. Hopefully it gets done. Landry seems unsexy, but in PPR he's straight cash.

  5. Yeah then hold Jordy given that your league is sharp. I like the way you're thinking in terms of floor vs. ceiling. I like the move for CMC but bear in mind you're kind of cutting off your own ceiling. IF Olsen returns and is healthy, he's going to siphon away targets from Funchess and CMC. So the play here is to hope he gets more rushing work, which might as well be the case after the bye week.

    It's tough defending the standing Diggs call this late. But if you're able to move him for a player you can plug in reliably each week, then I'd do it. His value might be close to where it was pre-injury and maybe Diggs for CMC straight up gets it done. Doug's zero might scuttle the deal.

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