Streaming Defenses: Week 12

Streaming Defenses uses the Streaming D app and the wizardry of Jeremy Marin and Matt Wispe to help you play the matchups each week. Have you ever felt great about defensive matchups and then it all kind of blows up in your face? Well, that was Week 11 for me. Being slightly generous, Week 11 was a mixed bag. If you followed my pick of the Saints, I’m sorry. They’d been so good up to this point and then Sunday was a bit bleh. But if you took the honorable mention, Baltimore Ravens, you’re welcome.
Week Team Rank Team Rank Team Rank
1 IND T-22nd ATL T-17th BUF T-10th
2 TB T-1st LAC T-23rd OAK T-8th
3 GB T-16th PHI 25th MIA T-18th
4 ATL T-15th CHI T-23rd CLE T-18th
5 PHI 14th BUF T-15th NYG T-21st
6 ATL T-20th WAS T-17th TB T-15th
7 NO T-14th TEN T-6th CIN 28th
8 CIN T-6th NO T-12th MIA T-20th
9 BUF T-20th DET T-11th OAK 22nd
10 NE 4 CHI 18 NYJ 12
11 CIN 8 ARI 20 NO 26
Either way, it’s Week 12 and we’re past the byes.1 It’s time to dig through the under-owned defenses to, hopefully, find some gems.
  1. I can’t explain how happy this makes me.  (back)

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By Matt Wispe | @WispeyTheKid | Archive

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  1. @jbona3 I like the idea. On that note I'm also holding the Steelers but planning on picking up the Saints to cover their tough wk 15 versus the Pats. I was thinking of posting this in the comments for the recent 'Navigating the Fantasy Playoffs' piece, but hopefully @jmarin @Mychal will see this and chip in here.

  2. I would keep the Rams for week 16 and probably roster Washington for Week 15. You could roll with Washington both weeks, or go super bold and roll with the Colts in Week 15 and Washington Week 16 for the Denver double dip.

  3. I personally do not like to use the moniker because of it's checkered, at best, past. So I simply say Washington. If that is what you are asking that is.

  4. Mychal says:

    I love the Washington-Pittsburgh combo for the playoffs. I might just go Skins all the way (2 home games in Week 15-16 against teams with bad quarterbacks traveling at least 2 time zones to DC in Arizona and Denver), but I might consider other options for Week 15 if David Johnson is back for the Cards.

    After giving it much thought, I'm pretty comfortable just rostering Washington for now and crossing that bridge if/when we get there.

  5. @Mychal that's an interesting idea. I've just picked up the Saints (specifically for wk 15), but am now pondering rostering WAS instead. I wonder if they will survive on waivers until the playoffs, thus letting me drop PIT or NO depending on how matchups are looking.

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