Streaming Defenses: The Week 11 Edition

Streaming Defenses uses the Streaming D app and the wizardry of Jeremy Marin and Matt Wispe to help you play the matchups each week. It’s time for your streaming defense options for Week 11. I’ll start off with a thank you to Jeremy Marin for his generous outlook on my Week 9 picks which were admittedly brutal. And he’s thrown down the gauntlet after his excellent Week 10. Two of his primary selections finished in the top 12 and both of his honorable mention selections were top 10. I’ve got big shoes to fill this week.
Week Team Rank Team Rank Team Rank
1 IND T-22nd ATL T-17th BUF T-10th
2 TB T-1st LAC T-23rd OAK T-8th
3 GB T-16th PHI 25th MIA T-18th
4 ATL T-15th CHI T-23rd CLE T-18th
5 PHI 14th BUF T-15th NYG T-21st
6 ATL T-20th WAS T-17th TB T-15th
7 NO T-14th TEN T-6th CIN 28th
8 CIN T-6th NO T-12th MIA T-20th
9 BUF T-20th DET T-11th OAK 22nd
10 NE 4 CHI 18 NYJ 12

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By Matt Wispe | @WispeyTheKid | Archive

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  1. @Will

    The Titans are an average matchup (16th against opposing defenses, basically allow league average). I like the Eagles defense this week, especially if Tyron Smith is still out. But I probably don't drop the Steelers outright because their upcoming schedule is really good.

    If you have a roster spot to burn, I might hold the Eagles to see if there is Smith news. If not, just hold the Steelers this week for the multi-week run.

    Rams' schedule is kind of rough down the stretch too so I'd fade them even though they've been fun to use.

  2. Chargers have to be top 3 this week.... playing a bad team at home who is starting a rookie QB...

  3. Thanks for the advice. I figure the Steelers are as good as any heading into the playoffs aside from the Pats in wk 15.

    I'm not a big fan of holding multiple defences, as have committed to streaming most of the season and am 8-2. I have a spare-ish spot on the roster (considering dropping D'Onta Foreman) so the Eagles might work if they survive through to the wknd.

  4. I wrote this on Monday before this morning's Tyrod news. They definitely get a boost because of the matchup against Peterman, but they're a pretty meh defense most of the time. Only one week over 10 points (according to ESPN) and they haven't seen a noticeable improvement at home. I wouldn't have them above my 5 but they would be next up now. Probably similar level to the Eagles

  5. When you get this close to the playoffs (assuming redraft), you can drop some players that you would never start in favor of higher upside defenses to stream together and stash options or at least that's what I tend to do. My WR6 is probably less valuable than a defense that has two good playoff matchups.

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