Ranking the Rookie Running Back Stars

As we close in on the 2017 fantasy playoffs, it’s become increasingly clear that we’re witnessing one of the best running back classes in recent memory. With five stars who could be ranked in almost any order, I wanted to take a closer look at their scoring profiles, examine their pros and cons, and evaluate who will be the biggest dynasty forces in the future.

The 2017 Rookies

Kareem Hunt1558005.2437323312181.1
Alvin Kamara644176.5454433732158
Leonard Fournette1476294.3624171491136.8
Christian McCaffrey641832.9172544062130.9
Tarik Cohen552294.214129247193.65
Joe Mixon107321332421207091.8
Austin Ekeler25124512319179373.3
Dalvin Cook743544.82161190067.4
Marlon Mack592163.722012129164.5
Aaron Jones693675.3316816064.3
Matt Breida522194.213117124163.3
Corey Clement481863.934346256.2
Elijah McGuire692593.811510100051.9
Wayne Gallman482044.20151152142.6
Chris Carson492084.208759139.7
Samaje Perine662103.206655138.5
D'Onta Foreman682623.905368036
Jamaal Williams311013.315545025.6
James Conner191015.30100010.1
I’m extremely high on Tarik Cohen, Aaron Jones, Marlon Mack, D’Onta Foreman, and Austin Ekeler, but let’s narrow today’s exploration to the biggest names.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive

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  1. @kdenigris I like the options you get by bringing on two quality players. It's probably a stretch to say Thielen is equal to Green, but his scoring has been elite and his peripherals are fantastic. This isn't a one-month deal either. He's been on fire stretching back into 2016. With the Buffalo offense cratering, I don't think McCoy provides enough of an advantage to go that route.

    @oaxacaflocka I love Tevin and Cooks, but you almost have to take that. Seems like there have to be some other options at RB either on your bench or on the WW. Am I understanding your RBs correctly?

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I followed primarily your advice pre-draft and the rest of RV talented writers in season. Hat tip to you guys for the blueprint.

  3. In the current conception of the trade, he's getting the key player in Kamara.

    If you can get him to take

    Corey Coleman


    (and maybe a third player)

    then I think it makes some sense, but otherwise I don't see you really upgrading in going from Kamara/Cooks to Hunt/Julio. It's always possible Julio breaks out, of course, but it's also possible Cooks has a really big finish, and I'd prefer Kamara to Hunt.

    Does that make sense?

  4. Sorry, Thanksgiving festivities spilling into the weekend. I like Landry there. But I liked all three of those guys (played Perine quite a bit at RB this week). Who did you go with?

  5. Dennis says:

    Thanks Shawn, I went with Perine actually
    i was betting against D. Freeman getting cleared at the time but i didnt know thursday am. if he played i woulda rolled out more Jarvis, Cooper etc.

    As it turned out perine was the best of these so i lucked out. I also got so much from Julio, kamara that i survived benching Keenan allen for mike evans.

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