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FanDuel NFL Cash Plays – Week 12

The Fantasy Football Ghost brings you eight players to help you feast on your opponents in FanDuel NFL Cash games for Week 12.  As families across the United States sit down on Thursday to celebrate Thanksgiving, more than a few of us are bound to be deep in thought about our FanDuel cash line ups somewhere between our third helping of stuffing and ham. Before I slip into my own food coma, let me share with you all how I did last week. The eight players I featured last week posted an average multiplier of 1.75 times value. Not bad, but simply featuring Tom Brady instead of Derek Carr last week would have thrust me well beyond the two times value marker I set for myself at the beginning of the season.1

FanDuel Cash Plays for Week 12
  1. What’s worse, I foresaw that exact scenario in the article last week and stated as much when I suggested Carr.  (back)

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