Early GLSP Projections – Allen and Anderson to Remain Hot

On a weekly basis, I’ll use Game Level Similarity Projections to find players with surprising ranges of outcomes. Early in the week, I’ll post the results of my personal model with some quick commentary. This will be followed up with an article that compares and contrasts these findings with those of the GLSP Apps on the site. For more information relating to the model, apps, and weekly fantasy application, check out the 2017 GLSP Primer. Through 12 weeks, the “average projections” calculated by the model, when compared to actual results, have an absolute difference of under five and a half points. This is very competitive when measured against subjective projections or those derived through other means. As a result, the “average projections” generated by the model serve as a pretty good proxy for a more traditional projection.

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By Dave Caban | @DaveCabanFF | Archive

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  1. Alex says:

    I really value your input each week, it has helped my decision process a ton since I'm constantly debating Hyde or Baldwin in Flex. After this weekend's performance and Graham being the only end zone target for the last weeks, I'm really worried about Baldwin, I see no mention of him, how does he project?

  2. Hey @aduhart! @dcaban typically has an update to this post utilizing the site's GLSP apps. The site's GLSP for WR has Baldwin with PPR pointsas follows:

    Low: 9.1
    Median: 10.8
    High: 15.7

    On the other hand, the site's GLSP for RB has Hyde pegged for:

    Low: 6.8
    Median: 13.2
    High: 26.3

    I didn't tinker with any of the settings, but you can create a custom touch/target projection and see how the player fares!

  3. Thanks. Baldwin doesn't have the greatest projection this week. If you expand the WR table, you'll see he's WR26 based on average. Hyde projects better in both models. I think that Baldwin should have an average week for himself, I'm not too worried about the RZ work. Having said that, I think it makes sense to go with Hyde this week.

  4. Alex says:

    Thanks for input, I really appreciate it. I hadn't used the glsp muchnprior to this season as I felt somewhat overwhelmed by it. Still not sure if I'm using it correctly since I rarely change the sliders and the games it compares it to. Just wanted to get a double check from someone with more experience on it.

  5. Alex says:

    I hadn't realized you could expand it! Damn I feel like a fool since I had been having questions about some players on previous weeks. Thanks for your reply!

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