When The Devy Breaks: Jake Fromm In Hostile Territory

When the Devy Breaks travels the college football landscape, keeping you up-to-date on last week’s results, previewing the big upcoming tilts, and providing 2018 devy rankings. The vast majority of this article series so far has been focused on well-known, Power-5 prospects. And while it’s true that most of the high-end talent in college football gravitates to these schools, there are always exceptions. Every year, smaller school prospects get drafted. Most don’t pan out, but some do. In the recap section below I will focus on three such examples. These guys don’t have the name recognition or recruiting pedigree compared to some of their peers, but their performances have nonetheless been impressive. In the section focused on the upcoming slate of games I’ll pivot back to the marquee matchups, but I wanted to dig a little bit deeper and will continue to do so for the rest of the season when possible. I hope you all enjoy it.

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By Jordan Hoover | @jhoover9787 | Archive