When The Devy Breaks: D.J. Moore, Quietly Dominating

When the Devy Breaks travels the college football landscape, keeping you up-to-date on last week’s results, previewing the big upcoming tilts, and providing 2018 devy rankings. If you’ve made a habit of betting college football underdogs against the spread — and did so last weekend — you may very well be reading this on an island somewhere in French Polynesia. And if so, cheers. Even if you didn’t win enough to purchase a small island, or even a new Keurig after your regretfully smashed your old one, you still probably enjoyed the slate. We had shocking, lopsided wins for Auburn, Miami, and Ohio State. We saw narrow escapes for Alabama and Oklahoma State. Wake Forest outscored Syracuse 40-5 in the second half to win 64-43, while Tennessee’s 50-17 loss to Missouri proved to be the last nail in Butch Jones’s coffin. There was something for everyone. This weekend’s slate looks a bit underwhelming, but with college football, nothing is guaranteed. Let’s dive in.

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By Jordan Hoover | @jhoover9787 | Archive