Zero RB Watchlist Week 8: NFC Rankings and Tiers

Welcome to the Ultimate Zero RB Watchlist. The goal of this piece is to help you find RB targets for your Zero-RB teams before anyone else even knows about them. We know that startable RB weeks can come from almost anywhere in the NFL. By being aware of depth charts that could yield surprising weekly starters, we put ourselves in position to grab the next breakout RB before he breaks out. We’ll take a close look at depth charts around the league in order to find the next-man-up situations that nobody is talking about . . . yet. Throughout the season we’ll monitor playing time and usage to identify exploitable, under-the-radar trends that have the potential to pay off with league-winning upside. Be sure to check out Cort Smith’s companion piece on the AFC. As mentioned in this space last week, now is about the time that rest-of-season projections could be useful. We have a pretty good idea of how usage battles will shake out, which teams want to run the ball, which offensive lines allow their teams to run the ball, and which defenses we want to target when choosing which RBs to start. In fact, we have such a good idea about those factors, that attempting to significantly improve on season-to-date PPR points for making projections is usually a losing battle.1 So we’re skipping projections and just going for tiered rankings, which in many cases can deal with certain nuanced and unpredictable situations better than projections anyway. What follows is a rest-of-season tiered ranking of every RB in the NFC. As before, pay more attention to the tiers themselves than to the individual rankings within tiers. All of the snap, expected point (EP), and scoring stats can be found after the tiers.
  1. Usually, but not always—machine-learning models in particular can make significant improvements. Therefore, if it’s projections you’re after, you should check out RotoDoc’s rest-of-season projections.  (back)

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By Blair Andrews | @AmItheRealBlair | Archive