Ultimate Zero RB Watch List – Ranking the AFC Contenders

The picture isn’t complete, but we know the players and the plot. Some situations have yet to fully reveal themselves, but there is enough information available to allow us some pretty good guesses at how the rest of the seasons will shake out.

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By Cort Smith | @cortnall | Archive

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  1. Where's Zeke and Gurley? Those are two huge omissions. The more I look over the article, I think like half of the RBs are missing. How can this happen?

    Just kidding.

    Loved the article. wink

  2. bahaha you actually had me there for a second!

  3. Thanks guys for these brilliant articles. Rotoviz is killing it this season. I have a waiver claim question. Abdullah is on a bye and I'm thinking of moving on from him anyway. Crowell, Booker & Ivory (a personal fave) are sat on waivers having cleared the FAAB part this morning.

    It's a full PPR league where you only have to start 2 x RB. I'm rolling with Mixon and DeM Murray this wk, with Foreman and AA on the bench. Who would you pick up of those guys? Or should I keep faith with Abdullah?

  4. The way Marshawn Lynch is playing, it’s possible we see more from Richard and Washington, but the Raiders have given no indications as to who would lead the time share. Also, neither have looked much more effective than Lynch.

    Strange how things work out sometimes to be so true.

  5. Thanks for reading, @Will. Appreciate the kind words.

    I think AA and Crow are probably pretty close in a PPR. I wouldn't blame you for wanting to move on from AA during the bye week, and if you did, I would personally go with Crow. As we saw from Amari last night, positive regression is real.

    I think Ivory is playing at his ceiling as long as Fournette is healthy (which sounds iffy this week?)

    I know everyone is ready to crown Booker and assume C.J. is taking a backseat, but I don't think that's what's happening there at all. At worst, it looks like a full timeshare, but I think it's going to be about the same is it was Sunday - CJ gets around half the snaps and the other two split the other 50%,.

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