Tuesday Trades: Week 7 and the Sneaky Cheap WR

Welcome back to Tuesday Morning Trades, a weekly column that will highlight players to target today before their prices change tomorrow. Two weeks ago I wondered whether we might soon see “the old Adrian Peterson” suddenly “looking like a totally different player.” Well, it took a change of scenery, but it happened on Sunday as Peterson dropped 134 yards and two touchdowns on the Buccaneers. The fantasy community simultaneously holds two incompatible beliefs. One, that any running back can pretty much fill in for the starter and have a big day given the opportunity. And two, that RBs can have a bad year and suddenly become totally worthless. Maybe it was just that desert air, but Peterson quieted the haters for one more week. Here are some of the best buys and sells at each position.

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By Devin McIntyre | @devinmci | Archive