The Wrong Read – Episode 8: Is DeShaun Watson Better Than Aaron Rodgers?

Welcome to the eighth installment of the “The Wrong Read,” an article series that reflects on recent podcast episodes and follows the rabbit holes they create all the way to the underground rabbit city. There is an introductory piece to this series, but at this point it has almost nothing to do with what I’m writing now. Instead, following his big game (finally), why don’t you take a look at what I wrote about Amari Cooper a couple weeks ago? On the latest episode of “The Dynast Tradecast,” Eric, Dan, and Nathan brought on George Kritikos (now the only non-RotoViz analyst who’s been featured in this column twice, I should add) to discuss a recent Twitter poll they created, asking dynasty owners whether they would rather have Aaron Rodgers or Deshaun Watson right now. The general consensus among the four of them was they would prefer Rodgers in most cases. Watson would be useful for a dynasty team that’s competing to win this season, but otherwise, Rodgers is the QB to own for the long-term. Dynasty Twitter agreed: One point Eric made on the show is that some regression ought to be expected for Watson. Rookie QBs, he noted, tend to regress as Carson Wentz did last season. Intuitively this makes a lot of sense, as opponents get to see rookies play more often as the season goes on, and they can begin to scheme specifically to stop them. However, thanks to the RotoViz Screener, we have more than intuition to go on here.

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By Blair Andrews | @AmItheRealBlair | Archive