The Wrong Read – Episode 7: Is Evan Engram the Next A.J. Green?

Welcome to the seventh installment of the “The Wrong Read,” an article series that reflects on recent podcast episodes and discusses some of the ideas heard there in greater detail. I used to link to the introductory piece, but it’s really not going to be that helpful for understanding what’s going on here. Instead, especially considering how poorly the Steelers played at home last week, why don’t you check out the second article in the series? The New York Football Giants had one of their worst games in recent memory last week. They lost the game, and that’s not even the bad part. They also lost Odell Beckham, Brandon Marshall, and Dwayne Harris to season-ending injuries. Sterling Shepard also got injured in that game, and while his injury was less severe than the others, it could still sideline him for a number of weeks. Where the Giants go from here was one of the topics RotoDoc and new (and old) Numbers Game cohost Kevin Cole discussed on the latest episode. Kevin mentioned that coming into the game, Evan Engram was already nearly tied with Shepard in season-long expected fantasy points, ahead of Marshall. While he’s the most likely candidate to become Eli Manning’s favorite target over the next few weeks, Kevin rightly pointed out that there are legitimate questions about how much we should realistically expect a rookie tight end to be able to do. Of course, there are also legitimate questions about whether Engram really is a TE at all.

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By Blair Andrews | @AmItheRealBlair | Archive