The Buy Low Report – Week 6

A rash of injuries to players like Odell Beckham offered a harsh reminder of the brutality of the NFL. Bye weeks are currently in full swing, and the waiver wire pickings are looking slim. Let’s try and find some assets that are mispriced. Welcome to the Week 6 Buy Low Report.
“One day my lady Selma’s going to have a star right next to mine. So watch out, Laszlo Panaflex.” – Troy McClure (A Fish Called Selma)

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By Hasan Rahim | @hrr5010 | Archive

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  1. Dennis says:

    Great stuff i was just thinking about Landry! Im with you and do see him as a buy low tho im trying to determine his ROS and playoff value. someone expressed interest in Landry and Duke johnson for Davante Adams in .5ppr would u do that?

    What about D-Hop, Duke, Landry, ASJ for A. brown, j Reed, d. adams?

    landry has the better upcoming tho adams is starting to appear matchup proof with Jordy and Cobb staying beat up and sneakily being Aaron's favorite guy lately, no?

    (this is the team i took your advice and traded Hunt pre-week 1 for D-Hop, Duke, and Tyrell. (looks almost even now)

    my other rbs are aaron jones, mark ingram, derek henry, c. ivory

  2. Dennis says:

    yeah don't forget about forte. if u think u can win without elijah id even look to trade the duo now if u can. it's like seattle now. even if u hold those two what if they go back to forte as starter? no thx

  3. I agree with @DR_B here. I'm kind of glad that moving Hunt for your haul worked out, because my sell Kareem Hunt call is smacking me in the face. On the plus side, Hopkins is the entrenched WR1 and is getting crazy volume. A possible finish as a top-5 WR is well within his range of outcomes.

    Adams himself is coming off an ultra scary injury. Mad props to the kid for coming back and killing it last week. His WOPR and target share is similar to Jordy's. However, Cobb isn't too far behind. All three of them split the targets currently.

    Thing that's boosted Adams's fantasy production are his TD's. He's already caught 4 TD's through 5 weeks and he's a third of the way to his TD total from last season. But I wonder how the target share splits out when TyMo returns and if Aaron Jones stays hot.

    Landry is unsexy but even in 0.5 PPR he's worth it. He's a target hot and is amazing at converting targets into catches. With the volume that he sees, he's still converting a lot of them into FF points. Plus, because he's such an unsexy name you're not getting the kind of return you're looking for.

    @DR_B I would absolutely try and buy Doug. If he's available for Fitz straight up, it's well worth the swap.

    @jasonhumes I'm not quite certain about the defacto #1. The Jets seemed hesitant to make Powell the bellcow when healthy (explains his split with McGuire two weeks ago) so it's likely this trends into a split between the two. I'm not sure what's happening with Forte and it seems his return his far off. On the bright side, it looks like NYJ has a strong schedule for RB's. I'd say take it week by week. We are unsure of Powell's return timeline/usage.

  4. Several ways to go with this, but the best answer I've got at this moment is: It depends.

    Not a great solution, so here are the several things to look at while making this decision:

    1) What's your record? If you're 4-1 or 5-0, go ahead and drop him for a higher upside play.
    2) How does the rest of your roster look? I.E - assuming if Powell is fully healthy, are you slotting him in as an every week no brainer play?
    3) Scoring format?

  5. hanks for the reply! should've added those things you mentioned.

    My record is 4-1 (full PPR 12 teamer) although I have Shady/AJG on bye this week and will probably lose.

    My RBs are:
    I have both Powell and McGuire and would alternate between ellington/riddick/powell based on matchups for my RB2.

    Vereen and Prosise are available and I'm seriously considering dropping Moncrief for Vereen...

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