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Line Up a Wishbone – John Shaw and Nelson Sousa: High-Stakes Lowdown

The High-Stakes Lowdown: A RotoViz Podcast: Eric Balkman chats with high-stakes fantasy football players.

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Host: Eric Balkman (@EricBalkman) – Host of the High-Stakes Fantasy Football Hour podcast and media relations officer of the Fantasy Football Players Championship 


Fantasy Football Players Championship – The home of season-long high stakes fantasy football. Check out the FFPC today!

GUEST: John Shaw

John is the winner of nearly $15,000 over the last few years in the FFPC with a top-70 finish in the Main Event and numerous cashes in the FFPC Off-The-Grid league. In this episode, we discuss who the more cuttable player is between Randall Cobb and Willie Snead, what running back was dropped too soon in FFPC leagues, and how he nearly didn’t even draft his Main Event team that currently sits in the top 100.

GUEST: Nelson Sousa (@The_Franchise12)

Sousa (along with his co-manager David Hubbard) is the winner of the 2016 FFPC Main Event $250,000 Championship and one of the most accomplished high-stakes players in industry history.


Thanks to Eric and the FFPC for coordinating this show. Thanks to grapes for providing the theme music.

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