Dynasty Watch: Time to Buy the Rookie WRs

Hello! This is Hasan Rahim filling in for series regular John Lapinski, who’s currently accompanying Metallica on their Speed of Sound tour as a roadie. In his absence, I’ll be taking a look at several rookies who’ve missed time due to injury and will try to forecast what their playing time will look like for the 2017 season and beyond.

John Ross

Drafted ninth overall by the Cincinnati Bengals, Ross has yet to see meaningful playing time. In Week 2 Ross played five offensive snaps, touched the ball once, and fumbled. He’s been sidelined with an injury since. Ross practiced for the first time since September 20th earlier this week, and it’s likely that he plays this upcoming week. Despite being a first-round draft pick, Ross has a polarizing prospect profile, but one that’s better than generally appreciated.1
  1. That terrific piece is by Ben Gretch. Also this one.  (back)

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By Hasan Rahim | @hrr5010 | Archive