Diary of High Stakes Sophomores: “Maybe We Don’t Have It Anymore”

Pete Overzet and Pat Kerrane are sharing their experiences playing high stakes fantasy football in the FFPC Main Event with a weekly article. In this edition, they post an article written about their team in the paper of record, The Fantasy Times.

A week that began with Team Fantasyland forecasting its own demise through an elaborate Oregon Trail metaphor ended in heartbreak for the high stakes FFPC owners. After receiving a combined 6.7 points from Carlos Hyde, Amari Cooper, and Eric Ebron, the team suffered a 120.05-108.65 loss on Sunday to “Gamblers Anon.”


After the game, Peter Overzet revealed a shocking admission to reporters:

“Maybe we don’t have it anymore.”

When Pat Kerrane was asked what Overzet meant by that he said, “We aren’t competing well enough.”

Team Fantasyland failed to win for the fifth week in a row, making them the only winless team in their entire league. They also continue to have the least amount of points in the league, all but ensuring there will be no trip to the playoffs for the two podcasters.

In their second season in the FFPC Main Event, Fantasyland once again is struggling against the world’s top fantasy football players. Despite years of crushing $25 friend & family leagues, Overzet and Kerrane have not been able to translate that success to the high stakes.

The Fantasy Football Community has taken notice, with Fanball’s Scott Fish chiming in on Twitter on Monday:

Despite their struggles, Overzet remained even-keeled:

“Doing this the past two years, you understand not to panic. We’re not going to hit any buttons where it’s like, ‘Oh man, what do I do to change all this and that, go see people.’ Just come out on Wednesday and be ready to submit waivers.”

Fantasyland began last season 1-5 before winning five in a row and nearly making the playoffs. However, that seems unlikely to be repeated after the team lost its first round pick, Odell Beckham, to a season-ending injury in his game against the Chargers on Sunday.

Having picked up Aaron Jones on waivers last week, Fantasyland does possess a glimmer of hope, making the team’s struggles all the more frustrating.

In text messages obtained by the Times, Pat Kerrane opined on the blue-bally nature of the addition:


The team does return a handful of players from bye in Week 6 (Kirk Cousins, Alvin Kamara, Tevin Coleman, Jordan Reed, and Jamison Crowder) as they square off with the second-worst team in the league, “Invisible Pizza.”

“It’s clearly a must-win,” said Overzet. “It’s been a rough season, but I’m confident that we will submit our Week 6 lineup as best as we can and at the very least we will return every week to continue this masochistic exercise of recapping our shitty ass team for the Rotoviz readers.”

By Peter Overzet | @peteroverzet | Archive

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