When The Devy Breaks: The Bell Tolls For Saquon Barkley

Remember the viral video from a few years back, David After Dentist? I bet you do. We all laughed at the child, still coming down from the gas administered at the dentist, as he questioned his very existence on this planet and screamed out for some semblance of reason. Well it took a while, but I finally understand how he felt. Last weekend’s college football action made me wonder, just as David did, “Is this real life?” Clemson lost to Syracuse, Washington lost to Arizona State, and Washington State got blown out by Cal. It was disorienting to say the least. And while I can’t promise a repeat trip to the Upside Down this weekend, I can tell you this: weekends like that are exactly what makes college football so great. Let’s get into this week’s slate.

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By Jordan Hoover | @jhoover9787 | Archive