Rookies Make History: 3 Bold Predictions for Week 6

“I never saw it coming.” In this bold predictions series, we’ll look at weekly matchups, using history as a contextual backdrop – as well as in-season trends – in order to unearth unexpected events that have a chance at coming true. Our record sinks to a sorry 1-161 on the season after a week where nothing quite went right.
  • Eli Manning and Philip Rivers couldn’t find four interceptions between them, but they did throw one pick each, with Eli adding a fumble. It was about what I expected, just not an epic meltdown.
  • Thankfully, there was no threat of getting my prediction of a top-15 week for DeVante Parker right after he left in the first quarter with an injury.
  • All hopes hung on a historical Monday Night Football performance from Mitch Trubisky, and while he flashed mobility and a deft touch as expected, he also made a couple of key mistakes which cost me… I mean the Bears, the game.
To get back on the board in Week 6, we’re turning to the best thing about this NFL season so far — the rookie running backs — and this week, we have a bonus fourth Bold Prediction for you.
  1. To be honest, while I am bit bummed by the record, this article is more about historical context and examining outliers. It is a fascinating piece to research and has quickly become my favorite and most time-consuming weekly article to write.  (back)

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By Cort Smith | @@rotocort | Archive

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