Winning The Flex: Week 4 Edition

Winning the flex focuses on difficult decisions across positions each week. I’ll be keeping track of which flex plays were hits and which ones were busts. To do so, I’ll be following the formula Blair Andrews used a few years ago for his Flex Suspects series. Since most 12-team leagues have two starting RB spots, 3 starting WR spots, and 1 RB/WR flex position, a player who finishes in the top 72 RB/WR will be considered a hit (24+36+12=72). Week 3 Recap Devin Funchess: 4 Recs, 40 Yards – 78th RB/WR Alvin Kamara: 5 Touches, 42 Yards, 1 TD – 53rd RB/WR Cole Beasley: 1 Rec, 4 Yards – Unranked Season To Date: 1/3, 33 percent Oof…on to Week 4’s top options.

High Floor Play:

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By Tim Talmadge | @FullOnTLT | Archive