Tuesday Morning Trades: Week 4

Welcome back to Tuesday Morning Trades, a weekly column that will highlight players to target today before their prices change tomorrow. The Giants find yet another way to lose a heartbreaker to the Eagles. The Lions get screwed by the refs on a game-winning touchdown pass. It feels like the NFL has finally shaken off the rust and is back. In a week that was blessedly light on major injuries, we did unfortunately see Darren Sproles go down with a torn ACL and broken arm. A sad turn of events for the original Zero RB, who may decide to call it a (great) career. The Eagles backfield is clear as mud right now, but we are starting to see a few other backfields take shape, which means getting those trade offers out there sooner than later. Here are some of the best buys and sells at each position.

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By Devin McIntyre | @devinmci | Archive

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  1. Interesting column this week, thanks for putting it together once again. I picked up Murray last wk, benched him on the fear of his injured hamstring, but still won smile

    Now someone wants to trade for my other RB Joe Mixon (I also have Abdullah and D'onta Foreman rostered).

    I'm not all that keen to trade Mixon, but he is in dire need of an RB and is offering some WRs in exchange. I could potentially get Demaryius Thomas, Davante Parker or Chris Hogan although he is more keen to ship me Jamaal Charles plus Moncrief or Agholor.

    I already have K.Allen, Britt, Maclin, Marqise Lee, Funchess, Marvin Jones, Rishard Matthews and Zay Jones rostered.

    I'm inclined to either hang on to him or ask for a straight up Mixon for one of the three better WRs. Any thoughts on whether this is worth pursuing?

  2. @FantasyNerd If you can hold on Reed, I'd probably do so. Once the in-season starts, I'm always willing to make trades that provide more total value. The tricky part of this is that the positions that were overvalued in the original draft tend to stay overvalued (usually RBs are overvalued but occasionally other positions will be).

    (Also, since Reed and Olsen were two of the early TE targets, many Double Elite TE teams will only have one TE left, perhaps a Gronk - as in your situation - or a Kelce.)

  3. Thanks a lot. I quite like the idea of the D Henry for Funchess + Foreman combo. Would be lovely to have a backup/handcuff for DeMarco.

    On a separate note, I'm trying to upgrade at RB & TE in a Standard league. I have Hyde, Gore, Henry, Riddick, Buck Allen & Coleman. TE is Ebron who laid an egg on Sun having picked him up for Eifert.

    He has McCaffrey, Fournette. Ajayi & David Johnson (and has indicated he'll trade DJ). He also has Graham, Hunter Henry & Marcellus Bennett.

    I'm pondering flipping Demaryius T and Keenan Allen for some combo of the above RBs and a TE. I start Green, Julio and Diggs/Thomas as my WRs for the most part and also have Tyrell Williams rostered.

    Will I be leaving myself too thin at WR if I do this? I can always start an RB in the flex if I'm lacking firepower after the trade, plus would have DJ rostered for later in the year.

  4. @KnaDiesel I agree with @harryseal561 here. Unless the owner somehow thinks Murray>>Cook, I can't imagine Rivers is tempting. If he's the Cook/Diggs owner, he probably has a good value on Thielen, so perhaps you could get away with Murray+Thielen+Parker for Diggs+Cook . . . that depth is meaningful in 14 team. And if it's close you can sweeten it with a QB. Also, as I mentioned last week, Ertz is player that almost any owner would want, so if there are waiver wire TEs you think are playable (Griffin, Watson), you could package him if an owner is weak there. Demarco+Thielen(or Parker)+Ertz for Diggs+Cook.

    @harryseal561 I think probably Britt. He saw I think 10 targets and Kizer is attacking downfield. I doubt there will be too many game scripts where they can take the air out of the ball. I like Clay, but I think there will be numerous really low volume passing games, plus his on-going knee thing worries me a little.

    @Will Keenan/Demaryius obviously not worth as much in standard leagues, but your team doesn't seem so stacked that I like this idea very much. Maybe if 6 teams make the playoffs and you are 3-0 . . . Bennett not a clear upgrade on Ebron to me (crowded receiving corp in both situations...Ebron still got 7 targets). Gambling one WR to get DJ seems fair. Keenan+DT for Ajayi+Graham is the trade I'd want, but KA and DT probably need touchdowns for you to swing that, unless he's hitting the panic button on Ajayi.

    @HowFantasy Yeah, I mean you're not going to get a low-risk stud for Thompson. Why not swing for the fences and try for Mixon, as unlikely as that is. Otherwise, I would try for frustrated Abdullah or Ingram owners. I especially like getting AA as the Riddick owner, because either can have huge value if the other misses time. Some people are already giving up on AA, even though he's had 20+ yard plays in consecutive games, and the biggest plays in the passing game. Detroit has zero rushing TDs and that is not going to last, just like Gillislee wasn't going to get every TD in New England, with zero TDs for Cooks. Thompson, of course, has a chance to be more valuable than any of these RBs, but he probably doesn't have a chance to get 10-15 carries. Martin seems okay--his opportunity to be a big pass catcher seem small to me at the moment with both Quizz and Sims there to take that role, and TB hasn't shown the inclination to target it's RBs much so far. Bilal Powell seems like a better target, although it's scary to target players in offenses that project to be bad and have room to get much worse. At least you'd have both NYJ guys. Still Thompson will probably end the season with more receptions and TDs than Powell . . . even though WAS keeps saying they won't load him up, I'm not desperate to flip him for Martin or Powell--you'll probably be fine just starting him.

    @jeduardomalo I wouldn't do that. I really like those WRs for standard league, and even though your RBs are iffy, there will be RBs continuing to come off waivers into value. I would try to add Blount or Corey Clement, and hope one of them wins out as a 10-12 carry guy with the goal line role.

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