Tuesday Morning Trades: Week 3

Welcome back to Tuesday Morning Trades, a weekly column that will highlight players to target today before their prices change tomorrow. Ah, Week 2, that wonderful time when we still claim to be 100 percent right about everything, even as we stand among the smoldering wreckage of our fantasy teams.1 If we can identify our biases and acknowledge our mistakes now, there’s still plenty of time to win trades with those who remain stubborn. Here are some of the best buys and sells at each position.
  1. No, you thought Andy Dalton was a viable low-end QB1.  (back)

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By Devin McIntyre | @devinmci | Archive

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  1. Awesome post. I Need some wr so I traded Terrence west for Sammy Watkins. What do you think?

  2. Mike B says:

    Just stopping in to give you props on the Miracle Max reference. Only thing better than your Tuesday Trades column is a nice MLT.

  3. @IITrollface I love West for Sammy, esp with whatever injury West has, and Woodhead coming back at some point. I would try to trade Luck. It's difficult to trade QBs, but if someone has Stafford as a backup for example, you could try to send Luck + a player for Stafford and an upgrade. In your format, it's great to have a ton of elite WRs, but if the WRs you have aren't that good there's no reason to prioritize that position over RB. It depends totally on how deep your bench is. Unless you've already hit on several RBs though, I would want at least 4-5. Almost every RB can become valuable, and you want to have as many as you can without hurting your team elsewhere.

    @Patwtweets I like getting Cam cheap. If you can swap Carr and get an upgrade elsewhere I'd do it. Olsen injured has me a little worried for the offense and Cam has definitely looked very rusty. It's not a move I'd be desperate to do, and I don't hate holding two QBs if they both have the upside of Cam/Carr. I'd be okay with a straight up swap if it will help you through a bye and keep a good player on your bench. But moreso if there are decent streaming options on the wire if Cam doesn't work out. I'd be less inclined if you'll be forced to start McCown/Cutler etc., although it's not the (very) end of the world.

    @mjrizzo81 your handle is dangerously close to mrjizzo. with twest hobbled, allen really does seem for real now. i mostly avoided that backfield, because i though 3 guys needed to get hurt for the last guy standing to escape the committee, but that's exactly what has happened for allen. we'll need to see if the ravens add anyone else, or if west comes back soon, but with how stout the defense has been, that should be a substantial workload for buck. I would do that trade though. I think there will be other buck allen's, but it's hard to find other crabtrees, in my opinion. I recommended Amari recently, but the advice holds true for Crabtree--it's a shallow receiving group, and if one gets hurt, the other could see league-leading type targets. and if west turns out to be perfectly fine and then woodhead comes back, allen could return to being an iffy flex play by the playoffs.

    @ed1 sure, i think that's good if you can swing it--not sure the owner won't have both halves of your side higher though. duke did get a few rushes this week which is nice. i really thought fitzgerald would get more volume in that offense, and maybe he still will, but he is the ultimate team player. if LAR want to sign Watkins long term, they're going to have to give him more than 2 targets a game.

  4. I'm a Chiefs fan so I'm well aware of Carr's struggles within the division. He still hasn't hit his prime yet and Eric Berry is done for the year. This side of Brady and Rodgers, he's next in line for NFL MVP.

    Me personally, I'd carry 2 QBs every day and twice on Sunday. If I were inclined to trade, I'd trade him to my week 4 or week 12 opponent, that's when Carr faces the Broncos, or possibly my week 5 opponent (Carr's bye). You'd be taking something from your opponent, giving yourself an edge.

  5. Mike says:


    Props for this. It's something I've been doing for years. If I have a guy I know I want to trade, the very first thing I do is to look to see when their Bye is, then I try trading him to whatever team I'm playing that week smile

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