Tuesday Morning Trades: Week 2

Welcome back to Tuesday Morning Trades, a weekly column that will highlight players to target today before their prices change tomorrow. This was a slow week for many of the biggest stars, but a good reminder of just how much scoring goes to those fantasy-irrelevant guys down the depth chart. And in a week without a lot of flash, it was an exciting introduction to a number of rookies, particularly Kareem Hunt, Dalvin Cook, Tarik Cohen, and Chris Carson–the only players to have a rush for 30 or more yards. And, of course, Kenny Golladay, whose two touchdowns for the Lions all but guarantees his name doesn’t show up in this column again. Hopefully he’s on waivers, because The Moment to buy Kenny G has passed. The low overall scoring means the buying window is open for a lot of other favorites, however. Here are some of the best buys and sells at each position.

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By Devin McIntyre | @devinmci | Archive

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  1. A recap of last weeks recs:

    CAM – I liked what I saw. He ran when he had to for 1st downs, and he tried to score near the goal line. He also airballed a layup to a wide open Ed Dickson in the endzone, but I can live with it. Mainly, we haven’t even seen Curtis Samuel yet, but they are gonna throw to these RBs, and that’s going to make up for a bit of his rushing production. 2 TDs and 6 rushes looks pretty good to me in a game where CAR just cruised against a 49ers team that only put up 3 points. I still like Cam, and he’s probably still available to buy.

    KIZER – I said he could be a top-10 QB without even being that good, and that’s what happened vs PIT, as he dove for a TD at the goal line, and tossed one to Corey Coleman. You can probably still get him, but he won’t be as cheap as he was last week.

    SHADY – I think the buy window is closed on Shady after 159 yards and 5 receptions. Hope you were able to wrangle him away.

    LACY – My recommendation was that if you wanted any part of this backfield, get in cheap. Lacy sure didn’t look good, and the situation overall still looks like a mess. If you have Prosise, Carson, or Rawls I guess you hold on for now–I think I’d be happier as the Lacy owner and dropping him.

    GURLEY – I said Gurley could be a pass-catching force with Dunbar out, and he tied with Cupp with 6 targets, which he turned into 5 recs and 59 yards. He’s currently the RB6 after a 20.6 pt performance. True it was against the Colts, but if this receiving game work holds up, he’ll be much more immune to gamescripts, which was the huge knock on him previously.

    MARQUISE GOODWIN – MG played 88% snaps and almost caught a TD bomb from Hoyer. It’s not good that he dropped it, but his usage was impressive. His 46.2% of team airyards was 3rd best in the league.

    DOCTSON – This was another recommendation to get in cheap if you wanted a piece of WAS. Doctson is behind Ryan Grant and still hurt, so he’s a cut in redraft leagues, and this probably should’ve just been an avoid. WAS threw the ball 40 times, which I guess is good, but there is so much depth here among the pass catchers, I don’t love these players at their cost.

    AMARI COOPER – Coop had 13 targets and a bunch of goal line targets (which he unfortunately dropped), but he’s probably unattainable now after seeing that volume in a game where OAK didn’t have to throw a ton.

    FLEENER – 6 targets, 5 for 54 and a TD. This is the production people thought they were buying in the 5th round last year.

    FIEDOROWICZ– Fiedo was looking good, but took a helmet to helmet hit and is on IR. Watch for Ryan Griffen or possibly a Barnidge signing, because there is a huge vacuum to fill opposite Nuk.

    Cincy vs. Texans – Well that was ugly as expected. I said to watch for Tyler Ervin and he was the #2 receiver. Unfortunately that didn’t really translate into fantasy goodness in this game, but he’s still someone to keep an eye on. He’s returning both punts and kicks, and getting snaps at RB and WR. He had 5 targets and had a first down catch brought back by a holding penalty. This is a deep league watch list guy, but he’s getting an opportunity to break out, and this was Watson’s first game, against a good defense, with just three days with the 1s.

    Once again, Miller is getting touches, and putting up yards, but not really getting a chance to score TDs in this offense. He had a nifty spin move to get to the second level late in the game. Foreman took on a bigger role this week, and is looming, but unless he becomes a total RZ vulture, I don’t mind ceding a few carries, if Miller stays fresh and catches more passes. Hard to say what exactly will happen going forward, since this was a rare game where the HOU offense did virtually nothing, yet was still in a run-centric gamescript, running out the clock.

  2. Hi Devin, love this follow up. Fantastic work. Thanks for doing this,

  3. How says:

    This is awesome. Question: what would you give up to get Corey Davis in a PPR keeper league (keepable for about 9% of the auction budget)? I was thinking of offering Jarvis Landry... I'm worried the window will close quickly if Davis continues to show his talents and gets volume.

  4. Matt says:

    Landry appears to be on the outs in Miami as they are unlikely to re-sign him and he has a domestic violence investigation that is ongoing. If I had Davis I wouldn't do that deal, so I'd think that that means that it's a good deal for you.

  5. That's an interesting question. I didn't get to see much of the Titans game, but obviously all four of the Titans pass catchers were pretty even. For dynasty, Davis is extremely exciting of course, but for a keeper league where he still costs 9% . . . most of what you're getting is priced in. Assuming he turns out to be as good as everyone hopes, he could still just be a middle of the road WR2, like an ARob, Sammy, Sanders--guys who are great players, but don't automatically get the fantasy points that would make them elite fantasy players.

    I don't think the Titans will throw 41 passes most weeks, so there could be some pretty dry weeks for Davis, unless he becomes the go-to endzone guy, which I'm not sure happens with all the options they have. But you're 100 percent right that if Davis has a couple more 10 target games, you're probably not going to be able to get him.

    I don't think I would give up Landry. You're selling low on a guy who could still be a high end WR2 and who has no more bye weeks. (If his injury is significant, then of course he's untradeable anyway). I would be playing to win this year, and not that worried about the keeper potential of Davis who is in a crowded situation on a run-first team.

    I think the way I would play it, since TEN plays @Jax, Sea, @Hou is hope that these are pretty low volume passing games, and then target Davis with players like Maclin, Moncrief, Garcon, Tyrell Williams, Thielen (provided none of those guys are through the roof valuable by then). You basically want to make an even offer for this year, and try to get his keeper upside for free or at minimal cost. Landry you probably had to buy as a key starter.

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