The Buy Low Report – Week 3

“Um… someday, I’d like to own the Dallas Cowboys.” – Homer Simpson (You Only Move Twice)
Another week down, and we are left with more questions than answers. Scoring around the league is down, and several big name players aren’t living up to expectations. It’s likely that owners are panicking and looking to bail on several iffy players. Given the uncertainty surrounding the NFL, now is the time to strike. Welcome to the Week 3 Buy Low Report.


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By Hasan Rahim | @hrr5010 | Archive

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  1. Weird its not on the podcast page. Go to your podcast app and type in RotoViz Radio. Its the episode titled "Always Acquire Stefon Diggs".

    I swear I came up with my piece independent of the shows recommendations.

  2. Okay @RotoViz, which is it ?

    This article says to BUY Diggs.

    The "4 redraft trades article says" STEFON DIGGS: SELL

    How can you recommend buying and selling the same guy in 2 separate articles published on the same day from the same site?

  3. Pretty sure every analysts/writer has their own beliefs and findings. All of the Rotoviz writers seem to all share a lot of general beliefs and ideas especially on broader subjects. But one writer might like another player over another for example. They put the stats and other facts that helps them believe that and to hopefully help readers to make a better decision. At the end of the day it's up to you to make the decision for your team. Pick the article you believe is most true and go with that decision.

  4. Simply a difference of opinion. Read both and decide which you agree more with. smile

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