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Nothing Is Black and White – Russ Axelrod and Nelson Sousa: High-Stakes Lowdown

The High-Stakes Lowdown: A RotoViz Podcast: Eric Balkman chats with high-stakes fantasy football players.

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Host: Eric Balkman (@EricBalkman) – Host of the High-Stakes Fantasy Football Hour podcast and media relations officer of the Fantasy Football Players Championship 


Fantasy Football Players Championship – The home of season-long high stakes fantasy football. Check out the FFPC today!

GUEST: Russ Axelrod (@RussAxelrod)

A winner of nearly $10,000 in his high-stakes career, Russ currently sits sixth overall in the FFPC Main Event, a contest with a $1.7 million prize pool and a $250,000 grand prize. In this episode, we discuss the Arizona backfield and Russ’ $300 bet in 2016 that got him on The Today Show and ESPN Sportscenter.

GUEST: Nelson Sousa (The_Franchise12)

Sousa (along with his co-manager David Hubbard) is the winner of the 2016 FFPC Main Event $250,000 Championship and one of the most accomplished high-stakes players in industry history.


Thanks to Eric and the FFPC for coordinating this show. Thanks to grapes for providing the theme music.

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