Geno Smith, Monkeys, and RotoViz. Yolo!

By my rough estimation, RotoViz publishes about 2,639,051 articles per year. I thought the math may have been off by 2-3,000, so I ran the numbers through The Intangibles Sim App and it backed up my initial calculation. There’s a reason why my RotoViz author account wasn’t deleted, and it’s not because of how integral my debut piece was to the site. The reason why you are reading my words in a RotoViz article today is that this tweet from my friend Peter came across my timeline… If you say you’re the originator of the monkey peeing metric on RotoViz then there’s a pretty good chance someone will one-up you. This is basically the fantasy football version of hold my beer. How hard can it really be to insert a video of a monkey peeing on itself?   Look, I just did it. That’s one. Two more to go. Okay, so hacking into my RotoViz author account1 just to talk about peeing monkeys is probably not worth the money you paid to subscribe to this fine website.2 Before I walk away, I should at least provide some fantasy football content. Fair warning though, as my other good friend John Solis pointed out, I’m not playing fantasy football this year. So, take what I’m about to say with a grain of salt…
  1. Or getting Charles to reboot it.  (back)
  2. Don’t forget, if you sign up through the RotoViz Radio page you get 30% off the sticker price.  (back)

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By Salvatore Stefanile | @2QBFFB | Archive

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