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Teach a man to to set his lineup, and he’ll win a week. Teach a man to leverage the full might of the RotoViz apps and expertise, and he’ll crush his league. 

That’s the idea behind the RotoViz mailbag series, where we’ll go to work solving all your fantasy quandaries.

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First up, a concern from a subscriber who stumbled upon RotoViz just a little too late.


Trollface is feeling the pain of not learning about RotoViz sooner.


There’s a lot to cover here. Let’s address the most pressing question – is David Johnson a drop now that he’s headed for wrist surgery and expected to miss two to three months?

The answer to that is going to depend on your roster depth and your belief in his healing ability, a topic expertly covered by our Dr. Jeff Budhoff. I put the question to the RotoViz panel of experts.

Anthony Amico sees Johnson as a hold.

I would say no (to dropping him), but I guess it depends on how dire. Until he’s on season-ending IR, I think you have to keep him. He could come back early, and then you’re left holding the bag.

Jeff Matson mostly agrees, pointing out that drafters were more than happy to wait on Ezekiel Elliot to return from what was supposed to be a six-week suspension.

People were holding Elliot when he was suspended for two months. I mean if he (Johnson) comes back in two months, that would be Week 11, so maybe a return between Week 11-14. I wouldn’t want to be the guy who drops him if he comes back in November. 

But Jeremy Marin points out that such attitudes are bound to change when byes and injuries hit in leagues with shorter benches.

I have a league with only five bench spots and nine starters. I’d be hard pressed not to drop him depending on injuries and byes. 

Covering the rest of your questions, Tarik Cohen may make a nice waiver wire pickup, but your priority should be WRs, not RBs. You do have Jay Ajayi, who makes a fine RB1 for your roster, so don’t panic at the position. Speaking of Ajayi, he may be your best asset in a trade in order to land that WR1. You could flip him for a WR and target Cohen on waivers, shifting to more of a Zero RB look.

You may not be able to get much for him after a letdown Week 1, but Isaiah Crowell is someone I would look to flip for a WR as soon as he has a good game. A potential target in such a deal may be someone like Terrelle Pryor, who didn’t put up a big stat line but was second to only DeAndre Hopins in Air Yards in Week 1 and looks to have a lot of opportunity ahead.

As far as Allen Hurns vs. Marqise Lee, it’s a subject of much debate around RotoViz. I’m a Lee man myself, as he has the better pedigree and the more recent production, but Charlie Kleinheksel makes a solid case for Hurns in his Week 2 Fantasy Football Waiver Advice. In your case, you need to aim for high ceilings at WR, and Lee probably presents more upside.

You also have two top-six TEs. You may want to consider giving up some depth there to bolster your WRs. If you don’t want to flip Gronk, see if you can sell high on Kyle Rudolph.

It’s getting hard to justify holding a roster spot for Andrew Luck.


Like Trollface, Mychal is a forlorn Allen Robinson owner spinning a sad tale on the RotoViz message board.



This is a good example of how roster construction matters when addressing injury fixes. Unlike Trollface, Mychal is well setup at WR, thanks to drafting with a Zero RB strategy. That depth allows him to cover for the loss of Robinson with productive players like Randall Cobb, who looks like he’s back as Aaron Rodgers’ No.2 WR.

This opens you up to make an aggressive play for Cohen; the rookie led all RBs in Air Yards in Week 1.


Buck Allen should also be strong a waiver consideration as a pass-catching back as long as Danny Woodhead is out. If you have the roster space, Mike Williams and Will Fuller could make nice stashes for down the line, but I would be looking for more immediate opportunity in someone like Lee or Hurns – if you decide to go the WR route on waivers instead.

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