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Teach a man to to set his lineup, and he’ll win a week. Teach a man to leverage the full might of the RotoViz apps and expertise, and he’ll crush his league.  That’s the idea behind the RotoViz mailbag series, where we’ll go to work solving all your fantasy quandaries. If you have something for the RotoViz mailbag, hit me up on Twitter. Or post your query on our message board and we’ll do our best to get it answered. First up, a concern from a subscriber who stumbled upon RotoViz just a little too late.


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By Cort Smith | @cortnall | Archive

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  1. Can't thank you enough for the help in this write up. If you check the bottom of my original post you can see the changes i made already with the trade Jay Ajayi for Hopkins. And I'm getting telvin Coleman. Also should I trade luck or just drop him?

  2. C.B. says:

    Duke Johnson was the #1 in air yards last week with 86, but he also didn't line up once in the backfield so is he not counted as a running back anymore? <3 Cohen already have him on roster thanks to preseason games.

  3. Just curious Cort, you mentioned "teach a man to use the rotoviz apps and he crush his league". I have trouble setting lineups and I've asked before and someone told me use the glsp. Question for line up decisions should I be selecting players with the best floor, medium, or high? What else can I use to get the best line up week to week? Thanks

  4. Mychal says:

    Appreciate it!

    I actually did bid up for Tarik Cohen (40%). Unfortunately, the David Johnson owner was in a bit more desperate situation and bid 70.

    I luckily did get Marqise Lee for relatively cheap (7%), so if Lee gives anything like a decent impression of A-Rob (big if, I know), my roster is set up about the same as it was before.

  5. Don't fret about missing Tarik. There will be more opportunities to come at the RB position, for sure.

    I'm with you on Lee brother! Let's do this.

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