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FanDuel GPP Value Plays – Week 3

Each week I’ll explore cheap players whose FanDuel price does not match the ceiling they offer, making them GPP value plays. In FanDuel GPPs, I recommend cheap players who will offer at least 3x value, providing salary relief for your remaining roster spots. In general, I will be looking at quarterbacks priced below $7,500, running backs and wide receivers below $6,500, and tight ends below $5,500. It is important to remember that these value recommendations are for GPPs (and not cash games), so we’re aiming for a hit rate above 20 percent.

Week 2 Review

  • In order to keep myself accountable, I will be keeping score of my past results. While 3x is the gold standard for reaching GPP value, each week is different – sometimes requiring a higher or lower average multiplier. My score each week is based on a formula that factors in the multiplier needed to reach the cash line in FanDuel’s Sunday Million contest and an adjustment that accounts for cheaper plays needing a higher multiplier to reach value.1
  •  Week 2 Results:2 Total = 3/7 (43%), QB = 1/1, RB = 2/2, WR = 0/3, TE = 0/1

I recommended both Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen as GPP value plays. However, this article was posted prior to the news about Sam Bradford’s knee injury. While I will account for these misses in my results, if significant obstacles to a player’s success arise prior to game time but after this article posts (i.e. injury, notable weather, etc.), you should look at the “others considered” section as the next best value play.

  • Year-to-Date Results:3
    • Total = 6/14 (43%)
    • QB = 1/2
    • RB = 3/4
    • WR = 1/6
    • TE = 1/2

Week 3 GPP value plays

  1. value play success = (6667/Player’s Salary)^1/3 * multiplier  (back)
  2. Cash line for week 2 = 120.12 points, value success formula = (6667/Player’s Salary)^1/3 * 2  (back)
  3. Week 1 results have been updated based on the formula  (back)

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By Michael Dubner | @Michael_Dubner | Archive