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FanDuel NFL Cash Plays – Week 1

The players I’ll spotlight weekly are players you’ll want to find a way to get into your FanDuel cash line ups. Finding value in the opening week of any sport is one of the most difficult tasks in daily fantasy writing. There is precious little actionable data to work with and free agency, retirements, and rookie additions provide ample amounts of uncertainty. So, when I was tasked with finding those elusive gems I put all my other projects to the side and cried a little. After a nice flushing out of the tear ducts, I dove into troves of statistics from last season to see what I could find for RotoViz readers. While some may make for intriguing plays in tournament games as well, the focus of this weekly column will be on trying to win some money in smaller games. Let’s see if we can’t add to our bankroll right out of the gate with the following players:

FanDuel Cash Plays for Week 1

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By The Fantasy Football Ghost | @TheFFGhost | Archive

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  1. This is great. Looking forward to the draft kings version as well. Also anyone know if dfs optimizer will be an apo this season or is it retired?

  2. @RotoDoc is going to have projections next week, and we'll look at how we can incorporate those projections into tools as well. It may be with the optimizer or may not. (He'll also have his tremendous NFL DFS picks like the ones that have made him famous in NASCAR.)

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