Dynasty Watch: Wide Receiver Buy Low Bonanza

Dynasty rankings are in constant flux, and staying informed is the key to making roster decisions for your fantasy football team. The Dynasty Watch series is your regular season guide through the shifting dynasty landscape. Through the first two weeks, wide receivers across the league have been off to a slow start.  We’ll take a look at interesting depth charts around the league and try to identify buy-low opportunities. Does it feel like the WRs on your team aren’t living up to expectations? Well, you’re not alone. Scoring is down around the league, and much of it as due to a decline in passing through the first two weeks.1 Keep your finger off the panic button, but be ready to pounce if another owner is about to press his. Last week we looked at the dynasty-relevant revelations in the backfields. This week, let’s see what we’ve learned in the early going about WRs. First, a quick look at what all the rookies have done so far:
  1. Rushing is lagging too, but not as much as the passing games.  (back)

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By John Lapinski | @http://twitter.com/FF_SkiBall | Archive

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