Dynasty Watch: Reload at Tight End Before It’s Too Late

Dynasty rankings are in constant flux, and staying informed is the key to making roster decisions for your fantasy football team. The Dynasty Watch series is your regular season guide through the shifting dynasty landscape. Young tight ends are often slow to develop, but this year’s historic class is already off to a hot start. Read on to find out which TEs you should be targeting. Tight end is one of the hardest positions to figure out in dynasty. Only a handful of TEs are consistent every-week producers, and the injury rate is comparable to that of running backs – they’re banged up all the time. Worst of all, young TEs typically take years to develop. Unlike RBs – and to a degree wide receivers – where you can find rookie hits, TEs often languish on rosters for years before finally becoming startable. The 2017 class might flip the script. There are as many top rookies this year as in the last three classes combined. If you’re going to hold a young TE on your dynasty roster, you want it to be a guy with the upside to turn into one of those handful of every-week guys, and the talent for it to happen sooner rather than later. Let’s start with a look at what they’ve done so far:

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By John Lapinski | @http://twitter.com/FF_SkiBall | Archive