Dynasty Watch: The Post-Cutdown Mega-Post

Dynasty rankings are in constant flux, and staying informed is the key to making roster decisions for your fantasy football team. The Dynasty Watch series is your regular season guide through the shifting dynasty landscape. This week, we’ll look at the fallout from the biggest roster cutdown day ever.

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By John Lapinski | @http://twitter.com/FF_SkiBall | Archive

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  1. Fantastic info, John.

    One point I'd disagree with: I do think Branden Oliver distinguished himself pre-injury. As a rookie he took over the lead back role when Ryan Mathews got hurt. In those 10 games he paced 1,200 yards from scrimmage and 50 receptions (~211 ppr points).

  2. JLaps says:

    Thanks Devin!

    My take on Oliver is that he had almost no competition for touches and wasn't efficient with them. Pretty much any serviceable NFL RB can look decent with sufficient volume. Christine Michael found himself in a similar situation with Seattle last year and paced 260 PPR points in the seven games he started and then was released two games later. It's fair to say Oliver was serviceable that year since he held on to the job, but I wouldn't exactly say he distinguished himself. Out of 32 RBs that year with 150+ touches, Oliver ranked 26th in ruFPOEA, behind guys like Bishop Sankey, Andre Williams, Joique Bell, Matt Asiata, etc.

    Of course it's probably also fair to lay some of the blame for that on his offensive line, but Ryan Matthews was far more efficient with his touches before he went down than Oliver was. Oliver's first 2 starts were great, but his gamelog after that was pretty uninspiring.

    I can't say I know for a fact Oliver is Just A Guy, but I also don't see anything he did that was really special.

  3. Oh, definitely fair. I'm just adding a little context for people who may not know Oliver and remember what he's done. He may be a JAG, but he was trusted with the starting job as a rookie in a season the Chargers started 8-4 and were contenders for the playoffs. Particularly the fact that he paced 50 receptions as a starter stands out, regardless of efficiency. He had a horrible Achilles tear, and the team still trusts him to be the backup. Much more than can be said for Sankey, Williams, etc. In the JAG hierarchy, he played ahead of Donald Brown and Shaun Draughn that year. We're talking semantics, but that's important in the context of an article discussing 95% undistinguished players.

    The main point is just that he has looked like a guy who can hang in the league if given a role and won't immediately be replaced or shuffled into a committee if the starter is hurt (i.e. the likely situation in BUF or ARI).

    Here's the big game you mentioned from his rookie year if anyone is following this thread:

    Joique Bell, I will say, did distinguish himself as a receiver on the Lions. He is the all-time RB leader in yards per target.

    Speaking of Detroit, don't forget about Dwayne Washington. He played ahead of Zenner last year, and is listed as the KR on the depth chart. Zenner is at risk of being a gameday inactive as the 4th RB, which could open the door for Washington to earn more snaps.

  4. As an FYI, Austin Carr and Kasen Williams were added to active rosters NOT practice squads.

  5. JLaps says:

    Oops, you're absolutely right, they were both waiver claims and as such are on the active roster. Fixed it in the post.

    That's what happens when the caffeine runs out...

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