DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports)

Dollars Per Opportunity: Season Primer

We’re just about at that time of year again, folks. You no longer have to watch what you eat so you can keep that beach bod. Enter: wings, pizza, beer, and, most importantly, FOOTBALL.

I’m back to run our series on DFS dollars per opportunity, which takes a look at…you guessed it…which players are giving you the best value in terms of salary and projected opportunity for the coming week. If you’ve been a RotoViz subscriber in the past you’ll know that we bow to the king of opportunity, which is why this is a very useful method to sift through the noise and find the best DFS values.

Of course, not all opportunities are valued equally (i.e., targets are more valuable than carries) so our formula will be sure to incorporate that. While RotoViz won’t be supplying its own weekly projections this season, I’ll be aggregating opportunity projections (targets, carries, pass attempts) from all around the web and will again keep an updated Google Doc with the full list for you to peruse at your leisure.

In my weekly article, I’ll be looking at both FanDuel and DraftKings and will also focus on analyzing the less obvious plays (in other words, I’ll leave out the Spencer Wares from Week 1 of 2016).  Also, since this will be publishing on Fridays (I want to get the most accurate projections as possible) I will be focusing solely on Sunday’s and Monday’s games.

I’m eager to get started and hopefully, we’ll be winning a lot of money together this season!

By George Fitopoulos | @StatGreek | Archive